A Blessing In Disguise: Martha Kay's  Nudes Could Stir Her Career  

Posted: 2019-06-06T08:40:41Z Read: 3,393 times
A Blessing In Disguise: Martha Kay's  Nudes Could Stir Her Career  

Social media comedian Martha Kay, whose  nude photos leaked to the public last week could be headed for bigger and better things. 

After the horrible incident, Martha Kay could take the opportunity to rise to the top. Her close friends say she is an outspoken, confident, aggressive and determined young lady who will not let one bad incident spoil her good career.

And if she keeps the pace, she is expected to hit the centre stage of comedy and become one of Uganda’s best comedians in the next one year. She has garnered a lot of followers who  appreciate her body and are willing to support her at any cost. 

However, a close family member has told this website that her parents are planning to hide her from the public eye. Her family has close links to the first family.

It should be noted that over the years, we have witnessed girls whose nudes leaked on the internet take advantage and rise to the top while others have seen their careers end.

Among those that have risen to the top are Anitah Fabiola, Zari Hassan, Desire Luzinda while those whose careers were terribly destroyed include Robin Kisti, Kleith Kyatuhaire among others.