Spokesperson Battle:  Joel Ssenyonyi Vs Ofwono Opondo, Who Is Better?

Posted: 2019-05-10T06:35:59Z Read: 2,747 times
Spokesperson Battle:  Joel Ssenyonyi Vs Ofwono Opondo, Who Is Better?

Joel Ssenyonyi, who resigned from NTV where he worked as news anchor and host, was appointed as spokesperson of People Power movement led by  Bobi Wine on Tuesday.

The presidential hopeful and MP of Kyadondo East constituency described Ssenyonyi as an intelligent young Ugandan, accomplished professional and devoted patriot.

In today's battle,  he takes on Ofwono Opondo, the Uganda Media council executive director and government spokesperson .


Ofwono Opondo has a bad taste in clothes.   He often makes us wonder why he can't hire a stylist.

Lately, he rocks overalls which make him look like a mechanic in Kisenyi.

Joel is a fashionable man. He constantly appear dapper and well put together. Whether he is sporting a well tailored suit or enjoying a night out,  he knows how to dress.

Joel  99.5% and Ofwono Opondo scores 0.5%

Good at Job

Ofwono Opondo  will sale Ice to eskimo. Over time, he has perfected his job  while defending the NRM government.

Ofwono Opondo is up to date with current affairs, and  over the years, he has formed a great political defensive mechanism against the opposition.

Apart from serving as a news anchor, and running Bobi Wine's social media accounts, Joel still lags behind Opondo when it comes to politicking.

Ofwono Opondo 95%, Joel 5%

Queen's Language

This is a very relative aspect of life. Whereas most people measure English language performance by someone's accent, the core should be the grammar. Ofwono Opondo tries to speak better English, rich with Smiley's and proverbs however Joel beats him on this aspect.

Ofwono Opondo scores 25% ,Joel scores 75 %


Ofwono Opondo is more loaded than Senyonyi. He  resides in areas of  mukwano. He owns farms, and chunks of land. Joel can only use his pairs of suits and Axe deodorants to lure women into his life.

Ofwono scores 99.5% while Joel scores 0.5%