Mowzey Radio's family rejects Dora Mwima's son

Posted: 2019-02-09T07:30:45Z Read: 10,628 times
Mowzey Radio's family rejects Dora Mwima's son

Former Miss Uganda, Dorah Mwiima raised a storm when she came out to reveal that her first born child, Ethan, is Mowzey Radio's.

Mwiima said she was trying to get in touch with Mowzey to talk about the child, but he died before they could meet.

She said she had talked to Lillian Mbabazi who apparently was happy to discover her own kids had another family member.

Radio's mother has however warned women coming up to claim they sired children with her son. She says she nows only six. "When they come, they are not willing to go for DNA"

Mowzey's mother says they don't want children and drama, but rather justice for Mowzey whose killers have never been brought to book.