List Of Men That Have Seen Different Colours Of Sheilah Gashumba's Knickers

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List Of Men That Have Seen Different Colours Of Sheilah Gashumba's Knickers

TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba needs no introduction as she has literally grown up in the media from the age of 7 when she made her maiden appearance on defunct WBS up to now with Serena based NTV

She has always been a dad's girl. However last year, she was thumped to pulp by her father Frank Gashumba over misconduct and keeping wrong company something that prompted her to exit her dad's home in Bunga.  She  currently stays in Kololo.

Here is a list of men that have allegedly explored her southern department.

Mike Wine

Kid brother to ghetto gladiator Bobi Wine is among the first men that tasted Sheilah around 2008.

It is alleged that Mikie Wine used to bonk her near her father's home in Bunga.

Onyango Gareth

City whopper hawker Onyango Gareth melted Sheilah's heart. The two were so close around 2013 which even resulted into a cyber war between Sheilah and Hilder Linda another chic Onyango was feasting on .

Face off

South Africa based Sangoma has been financing her lifestyle for a long time including her Dubai trips until recently when he got dumped. Face Off started enjoying Sheilah in 2015 .

Yung Mullo

In 2012, Sheilah and the dancehall singer were inseparable. They painted Kampala red with their puppy love.

Fik Fameica

They attended several events in Kampala hand in hand like a newly wed couple. Sheilah and Fik Fameica have been inseparable for a year .They were regular at Atmosphere in Kololo, Sky Lounge, Kisementi and the two took several flights together.

God's Plan

He is the current guy surfing Sheilah's honey pot. Little is known about him but it alleged that he is the reason Sheilah started disrespecting her father. The two rent an apartment in Kololo and are currently in Dubai.


The rising music star enjoyed Sheilah for some good time until when he got replaced by Fik Fameica.

Eth Lawinsky

Another soul rapper who owned Sheilah for some time until he was ditched.