Dimplicious Rema, Kenzo Reignite Romance

Posted: 2019-01-07T07:15:52Z Read: 4,719 times
Dimplicious Rema, Kenzo Reignite Romance

Singers Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo are not about to break up as it has been speculated for many years. The lovebirds have been on and off for a longtime. Kenzo openly said he would not marry Rema despite pressure from her and parents. His reason was that he was not ready.

When Rema released 'Sili Muyembe', the feeling was that it was a warning to Kenzo. She threatened to walk away.

Latest is that the two have mended their differences and they are now living happily together.

Rema attended Kenzo's concert and she was all singing love songs to Kenzo. And she has mentioned him in public appearances as his, sweet baby daddy.

Looks like the rock that was trying to destroy them is crashing