Feffe Buusi: 'Fik Fameica Is A Back Up Singer'

Posted: 2018-12-28T08:02:24Z
Feffe Buusi: 'Fik Fameica Is A Back Up  Singer'

Rappers Feffe Buusi and Fik Fameica have been at loggerheads for a very long time because of the continued rivalry among the Hip Hop fraternity.

Their beef has always been passed diss songs like 'Who is who', 'Nawambye' among others.

Howwe Gossip desk indicates that Feffe Buusi has decided to bring the beef to reality.

While appearing on NBS TV's Kurt show with Tuff B a few days back, Feffe Buusi branded Fik Fameica a backup artiste simply because he claims he cannot sing without immitating what other artistes have done before.

The 'rap dada' hit maker further emphasized that he branded Fik Fameica 'Fik Makanika' translated as 'Fik Mechanic' because he is just forcing things to work out as an artiste.

This comes days after Fik Fameica put up one of the finest live band performances of the year at his just concluded flopped show at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds.