Zari Hassan Allegedly Wears Fake Bums

Posted: 2018-11-12T08:39:16Z
Zari Hassan Allegedly Wears Fake Bums

For one week, all eyes were on Zari Hassan as she toured various tourist sites around Uganda. She was appointed tourism ambassador to promote domestic tourism.

A mole who has been traveling with her has revealed to us that she wears fake butts.

"I was shocked. Zari is fake. She is very artificial," a source disclosed.

More than that, Howwe gathers that Zari had no idea how she would market Uganda. She just took selfies and pics of herself slaying. It was not until she was told by the minister to start focusing on wild life and nature that she changed.

She has been criticized  by a large number of people on the internet with many saying she failed at the job.