Love Gone Sour: Pia Pounds Exits Big Talent

Posted: 2018-10-17T07:14:05Z
Love Gone Sour: Pia Pounds Exits  Big Talent

She has been courting controversies since her emergence in the music industry.

Sexy Pia Pounds has been rumoured to be in a sizzling relationship with singer Eddie Kenzo and everyone thought it would last until the devil reared its ugly head and the whole affair collapsed like a pack of badly arranged cards.

Eddie Kenzo constantly denied the affair until she got close to his music Producer Kusuem.

According to insiders, Eddie Kenzo was so furious with Kusuem for encroaching on his territory and he fired Kusuem from Big talent music label.

In turn,  Kusuem  convinced Pia Pounds to exit the label with him.

As you read this, Pia Pounds is being promoted by Kusuem and they are free to bonk tubeless from the prying eyes of "Sitya loss" hit maker.

We guess Eddie Kenzo's baby mama, Rema Namakula is happy that one thorn has been removed out of her life.