Top 5 Female Booze Warriors That Are Always Soaked In Beer

Posted: 2018-10-13T07:22:16Z
Top 5 Female Booze Warriors That Are Always Soaked In Beer

Talk of 'eating' money and these names will be on top of the list. These celebrities party like there is no tomorrow.

Leila Kayondo

Former SK Mbuga bonkmate is addicted to booze. She enjoys coco Ug and Red label. She normally starts drinking as early as 10am.Her close friends say she  often has no appetite for food.

Agatha Loswash

The NBS Pundonor magazine presenter Agatha Loswash is a typical description of a drunkard. She loves Jameson whisky at heart and she equally enjoys eating.

A few years ago, her baby daddy Sam Akatuhumuza operated a bar called Gangnam,  which she run into extinction. Sam was forced to sell the bar after running broke.

Judith Heard

Nalongo Judith Heard  is regular at all top night spots in Kampala. She is not loyal to any brand. Lately, she is a lover of bailare

Sheila Gashumba

Judith Heard taught this young girl all the bad traits. The television star is a record drinker who is often sighted at Acacia Avenue based Sky Lounge. She was recently thumped by her father, Frank Gashumba, after returning home late intoxicated.



The Guinness book of records should award this lady with a medal. The KFM presenter loves smoking both leaves and tobacco. She drinks until morning.