I Am VERY Single - Anitah Fabiola

Posted: 2018-10-09T07:55:13Z Read: 12,026 times
I Am VERY Single - Anitah Fabiola

NBS TV presenter, Anita Fabiola has been linked to sexual affairs with a slew of men; Meddie Ssentengo, Ed Cheune, Mo Red and many more classified as mysterious guy.

In a fresh interview, Fabiola was candid about her current relationship status disclosing that she is single. This was to quash a rumor that has been running connecting her to Ed Cheune. It was alleged she even had beef with Tina Teise who is said to have tasted Cheune's sausage.

Fabiola says she still lives home, as if to emphasize she is not yet available for any man.

She was however living on her own sometime  in 2015 only to be thrown out for failing to pay rent. She has also lived with Meddie who she said, "I was looking for a shoulder to lean on, I didn't know where to turn. Meddie was there. It wasn't really love between me and him." This was after her nudes leaked.

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