Hellen Lukoma Brands Leila Kayondo A Fake And Unproductive Friend

Posted: 2018-10-05T07:32:14Z
Hellen Lukoma Brands Leila Kayondo A Fake And Unproductive Friend

Hellen Lukoma and Leila Kayondo were the city's most adorable 'BFFs' until they bitterly broke up over a year ago and every one took a separate way.

 Hellen Lukoma is grateful for the fact that she lost Leila Kayondo as a friend because she was fake and unproductive.

This move by Hellen Lukoma came after she took to her social media pages to show off her new mansion she called "Black Barbie Mansion".  It is in its final stages of construction.

Hellen Lukoma posted, "Am growing older and am loving every bit of this gift. Made so many decisions this year and I am proud of them. Lost so many people and am grateful that they are not in my life.

All God's plan. All God's plan. Am mature enough to know how to associate right. Trust me, fake and unproductive friends lead you nowhere. Mature enough to know popping bottles dont mean success.

VIP or no VIp dont make u any less of who you truly are.. beautiful and blessed".

However, despite not mentioning a particular name in the caption, a close friend to Hellen Lukoma has told Howwe that the post was indirectly intended for Leila Kayondo, who Hellen Lukoma thinks is unproductive since she is reportedly an addict of popping bottles.

By press time, Leila Kayondo was yet to respond to this alleged attack by former best friend