Bloody Fight: Frank Gashumba Apparently Slaps Sheilah Into Coma

Posted: 2018-10-02T08:22:15Z Read: 18,519 times
Bloody Fight: Frank Gashumba Apparently Slaps Sheilah Into Coma

Controversial Frank Gashumba is reported to have beaten his daughter,  Sheilah Gashumba, 22, to pulp and locked her in the house for about 12 hours.

This is after she returned home drunk on Saturday night with equally intoxicated friends, who disrespected the old man.

Sources say what annoyed him most is that the friends said things only known between him and the daughter.

On sobering up, Sheila Gashumba immediately called her mother Tinah Mukuza to come to her rescue. She tipped off the Kabalagala police officers, who rescued her and she was taken to Kabalagala police station to record a statement.

She told police that she did not want issues to go to the media and offered to forgive her father.

According to insiders, the two have been at loggerheads ever since she went to Dubai few weeks ago without his consent.

Furthermore, a close source has told Howwe that Sheila Gashumba's drinking habits have been fueled by frustration caused by Frank Gashumba's objection to  to her request to leave home and start an independent life.

By press time, C/ASP Luke Oweyesigire, the spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan Police had confirmed the incident.

Frank Gashumba is expected to be summoned to Police for questioning despite Sheila Gashumba's intent to keep the matter private.

We shall keep you posted