Chagga Cheats Jail ,Here Are The Details

Posted: 2018-09-27T07:55:13Z
Chagga Cheats Jail ,Here Are The Details

Troubled talent manager,  Chagga survived sleeping behind bars on Tuesday after police ordered for his arrest for failing to clear money he owes

 Luwero based promoter Paul Kaliba.

Paul Kaliba booked the music duo, Moses Radio and Weasel Manizo for a show in December last year on 25th December but they didn't turn up so filed a case against them demanding for Ugx 18m in damages.

They had  received 2.6m as deposit off the agreed 5.5m according to the promoter.

A few months ago, Chagga was detained at Luwero division police station but was released after a partial payment of 9M .

However Paul resurrected  the case recently asking for his balance .

According to Roger Lubega, manager to Spice Diana, they have been  engaging the promoter on how to settle the case amicably but he wants to punish Chagga.

" Where will Weasel get that money? He has no shows of late and  the is still stressed about his late brother,Moses Radio," said Roger.

He also told us that he  stood as surety and they had agreed with the complainant to accept additional two million cash which he accepted but later changed his a day after .

Roger says that an agreement can be reached outside courts of law for the benefit of all parties.

Alternative sources say the show was cancelled by the promoter, and after learning about Radio's death, he resurrected the case to extort Weasel.