Leila Kayondo Disowns Jailed SK Mbuga

Posted: 2018-08-22T07:34:04Z
Leila Kayondo Disowns  Jailed SK Mbuga

For so many years, singer Leila Kayondo and embattled tycoon SK Mbuga were bonking on credit. They painted Kampala red with love and Leila cruised around town in the latest rides then. He bought her a BMW car with customised number plate.

Her music career was progressing as he injected a lot of money in her music. When they finally separated, her music career went on downward spiral. She has since been struggling to drop a hit song.

Mbuga moved on and married Vivienne Birungi in Kampala.

Howwe understands that Leila Kayondo has now labelled their relationship as "Just Friends" saying there was nothing ever between them.

The "Awo" singer claims they are just relatives and have never shared a bed.

When asked about why she broke up with SK Mbuga during an interview with Howwe TV, Leila Kayondo said, "SK Mbuga and I were just friends. Our story starts from Masaka as family friends. You probably just saw us here but we came from Kyabakuza, Masaka as family friends. There was nothing more beyond friendship despite sharing the same roof."