5 Things We Know About Judith Babirye's New Man

Posted: 2018-07-31T06:59:23Z
5 Things We Know About Judith Babirye's New Man

Buikwe woman MP, Judith Babirye introduced her new man, Paul Musoke, a fellow member of parliament. Babirye, however, hasn't divorced her first husband, Samuel Niiwo, whom she got married to in 2005.

Here are a few things you might need to know about her new catch.

1. He is a flight captain

Musoke is highly learned and previously, he worked as a flight captain before joining politics.

2. He is camera shy

According to people who have known him for a long time, Musoke doesn't like the limelight. He tries as much as possible to avoid the camera. Even at Parliament, he is only known for his relationship with Judith Babirye rather than his engagements.

3. He is a first timer in Parliament

Musoke is not new to politics, but he is in Parliament for the first time. He was the LC 3 chairman of Njeru before contesting for a seat in Parliament.

4. He has a smooth tongue

He is credited for fueling Judith Babirye's political ambitions. He stirred her to contest for the post of woman MP. He followed her on a campaign trail and talked people into voting for her. It is said that he is a smooth talker and people find him charming.

5. He has children from a previous relationship

This is not a secret. A woman identified to us as Ntale came out recently and cried out after being dumped by the father of her three children. She faulted Babirye for stealing her man, yet she is a born-again Christian. It is not clear why Musoke dumped her but they were not married legally.