List Of Celebs that have Stuck Together Through Thick and Thin

Posted: 2018-07-16T06:58:55Z
List Of Celebs that have Stuck Together Through Thick and Thin

You know the popular saying that two celebrities can't live under the same roof. Well, some celebrity couples have been able to beat the odds.

Bebe Cool and Zuena

In 2009, Zuena packed her Knickers and left Bebe Cool's home. She returned to her parent's house in Jinja.

 During this period, Bebe Cool acted like a lost sheep. He recorded songs like "Zuena" , "Bamugambe", "Agenze" among many others.  In all these songs, he was yearning for Zuena's love. She later returned to her marital bed, and since then they have been painting Kampala red with love.

Mc Kats and Fille

Singer Fille Mutoni and Mc Kats have been together since 2012. They are blessed with a baby girl. The couple is often involved in public fights, but they always patch things up.

Ronnie Mulindwa and Sharon O

These two have had an on and off relationship since the early 2000s. They have a son together.

Sam and Sophie Gombya

Despite Sam Gombya's physical abilities, Sophie has loved him unconditionally. They still display their affection publicly.

Irene Namatovu and Geogrey Lutaaya

This couple should write a book of about their love life. They fight, break up and then reunite. They have stood the test of time. The two run the Da Eagles production.