Controversial Couple, The Shongas To Reopen Space Lounge

Posted: 2018-07-12T07:16:33Z
Controversial Couple, The Shongas To Reopen Space Lounge

Socialites Dorothy Shonga and Herbert Shonga reconciled recently, and they are flaunting their love again in every one's face.

They broke up after Herbert Shonga strayed from the marital bed and slept with his PR, Sheilat.

Sexy Sheilat and Herbert Shonga then painted Kampala red with love.

They were inseparable for months and this pushed Dorothy Shonga to the wall.

She started exchanging bitter words with her hubby, and they closed down all their family businesses.

It is believed that Dorothy was behind all the businesses. When she pulled the plug, all the businesses crumbled.

Now Herbert has been telling who ever cares to listen that they soon reopening their businesses; Space Lounge and Shonga Advertising.

We can assume that Sheilat was not bringing anything to the table, a reason Herbert coiled his tail between his legs and begged Dorothy for a second chance.