Kalifah Aganaga attacks Weasel

Posted: 2018-07-01T08:03:30Z
Kalifah Aganaga attacks Weasel

He is known for attacking other artistes to remain relevant.

One minute, he is exchanging jabs with A pass, the next moment he is hurling them at another musician. The latest recipient of his stabs is arch-rival, Weasel, who we thought had reconciled with him.

Singer Aganaga says Weasel's talent is lacking and adds that now it is going to come out clearly since he is standing alone. The demise of his singing partner, Radio Mowzey, is going to expose Weasel, according to Aganaga.

He adds that Chameleone is the only talented person in the Mayanja's family. The two have a new collaboration out.

Weasel's singing ability has been the subject of discussion since Radio's death.