Winnie Nwagi brags about Her Booty

Posted: 2018-06-08T07:15:28Z
Winnie Nwagi brags about Her Booty

Winnie Nwagi has a big derriere and she knows it. She treats it like an asset.

In a recent instagram video, Nwagi bragged about her booty suggesting that it is good for optical nutrition. Nwagi was having some quality time with a friend at a beautiful hotel, overlooking a posh neighbourhood. When the friend remarked that the hangout had a magnificent view, Nwagi was quick to say, “Look here, this is also a good view, ” pointing at her shapely behind.

 And without doubt, her booty has contributed to her rise to stardom. Comparisons between her and queen of Kitone, Desire Luzinda have always been drawn.

The two are even rumoured not be friendly to each other, allegedly, because they both can’t accept one is better.