Weasel Is Cheaper Than Zuena Cakes - Bebe Cool

Posted: 2018-01-09T08:38:39Z
Weasel Is Cheaper Than Zuena Cakes - Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool Kicked off 2018 by posting a list of his best entertainers of 2017, which covered artistes, comedians and Fashionistas. However, this didn’t go well with some personalities that didn’t make it on the list.

Speaking to Galaxy Fm’s Jonathan Nalebo, Goodlyfe singer Weasel advised Bebe Cool to give up the music and concentrate on making cakes with his wife, Zuena. “Bebe Cool is 50 years and he is singing songs like “Katono” which is suitable for upcoming singers like Fik Fameica. Let him go make cakes with his wife,” he said.

When Bebe Cool learned about this, he couldn’t let it go. He fired back using his official Facebook page saying that Weasel is malnourished, faded and shabby. He claims that Weasel’s performance fee is less than that of his wife’s cakes, each cake costs Shs 4M. 

He posted; Zuena's cake and events.
Cake cake cake and deco.
Beautiful,patient and hamble as she is,2017 saw her break through one of the most profitable and daily long-term business of Cake and Deco.
Most people would undermine such business not knowing it's profits compared to the input.

For example,
Zuena's wedding cakes cost from 4 million Ugsh (1200dollars) and above depending on size, number of tires, and how complicated it may be as u can see in the pics below.
Compare this business to a fading, shabby, malnourished local artist in Uganda going for 1.5m to 2m per gig.
At this moment cake business definitely makes more economic sense. 
Let me credit my wife for a job well done 2017 as you also proved that a good cake goes with excellent deco with a touch of class,right colours etc.
Despite the fact that you had baby Eman in you for nine months of 2017, you still made it top in this business. 
I must make sure that the youth in Uganda make choices in life the make economic sense hence their lives will be better.
I salute you.