Irene Ntale...The Only Female Artist That Performed At #10YearsOfRAW

Posted: 2017-11-04T11:53:53Z Read: 4,238 times
Irene Ntale...The Only Female Artist That Performed At #10YearsOfRAW

This got so many to a surprise. Irene Ntale was the only female musician that performed at RAW concert last night. 

Without any given explanation, male artists dominated the stage as curtain raisers ... performances form Tip Swizzy, B2C Boys, Rabadaba, Ykee Benda, Gravity Omutujju, King Saha, Ziza Bafana, Pallaso and others artists.

As the show went, our snoops kept a close eye and noticed that RAW came on stage when no female artist had showed face. And finally Irene Ntale appeared

We wonder if it was a criterion set was no Female musician will appear on stage. However, we know that Radio and Weasel have done so many collabos with female artist. This left a section of their fans wondering. 

Radio has done so a collabo with Lilian Mbabazi, Desire Luzinda, and so many others but to our shock no one showed up.