Bukedde TV’s Fyona Kirabo, Rema Friendship SHAKY!

Posted: 2017-10-20T08:09:53Z
Bukedde TV’s Fyona Kirabo, Rema Friendship SHAKY!

Latest news reaching our desk is that Bukedde TV’s and makeup artist, Fyona Kirabo and singer Rema Namakula bitterly split recently over Eddy Kenzo.

Reliable sources have revealed to us that Fyona who has been a long time friend to Kenzo and Rema has decided to take sides with Kenzo after Rema falling out with him. Rema wanted Fyona to cut links with Kenzo since their relationship is KINDA no more.

Word on the street says, Fyona adamantly refused to adhere to Rema’s demands and opted for an end of their friendship.

It is said that Kenzo met Fyona Kirabo way back before Rema and Kenzo started dating. Kenzo then introduced Rema to Fyona and the two women connected. What connected them most was that Fyona became Rema’s personal makeup artist. Fyona became like a sister to the couple. Fyona and Rema started sharing their most intimate secrets with each other.

When Fyona opened up a makeup studio around Equatorial mall, Rema would spend the whole day there gossiping. At events, Kenzo would trust Fyona with his wife.