Pallaso Beats Chozen Blood To Pulp

Posted: 2017-08-24T07:22:42Z Read: 3,265 times
Pallaso Beats Chozen Blood To Pulp

Singer Pius Mayanja commonly known as Pallaso is a certified war monger.

The latest information is that Pallaso thumped singer Chozen blood to pulp on Tuesday evening at Kawempe based warehouse where Chozen was shooting his latest video.

According to a reliable source, the fight started as a result of miscommunication.

Pallaso had booked the warehouse to shoot his ‘Soma’ video during the day but he failed to make it due to unexplained circumstances while Chozen Blood booked the place for night session.

Pallaso later came at night and found Chozen Blood in the middle of his shooting session and demanded that he stops.
Chozen refused and peace talks were held for a few minutes but they failed to reach an agreement.

They started exchanging blows for about 30 minutes until when police intervened. The police took Chozen to Kawempe police post where he spent the night in the coolers. Pallaso was able to get away.