Leila Kayondo, SK Mbuga SECRETLY Dating Again

Posted: 2017-06-13T09:55:15Z
Leila Kayondo, SK Mbuga SECRETLY Dating Again

Howwe.Biz is hearing whispers that the once showy relationship between self-proclaimed city tycoon SK Mbuga and struggling singer Leila Kayondo may soon resurrect.

For starters, SK Mbuga and Leila painted the city with PDA as they chopped cash like how armyworms have been eating maize gardens in Luwero district! However, the two fell apart when Leila was caught pants down cheating with a Congolese man in one of the city hangouts. Out of frustration, SK Mbuga slapped Leila in the face making her look like a potato garden. [See photo]

Tycoon SK Mbuga Brutally Beats Leila Kayondo, Disfigures Her Face — Photos

SK Mbuga was arrested, jailed and later released after ‘BEATEN LEILA’ pleaded with police to forgive him. The rest is history!

 Now Howwe.Biz has learned that SK Mbuga and Leila Kayondo are secretly dating again.

Word coming out of a person close to Leila is that SK Mbuga has been funding most of Leila’s US luxurious trips and rent issues!

‘Where do you think Leila gets most of her money? Her music is not doing well. No gigs. And then pays Shop Rent of 900 dollars per month, frequent trips to US, Come-on! Get it from me. Leila is SK Mbuga’s second wife and he is financing her. ..even SK Mbuga’s wife Viviane knows that’, Source told our reporter

Yup, you got that right?