If You Have No Money, You Have No Right To Love — Ex-Mayor Seya

Posted: 2017-05-19T07:07:28Z
If You Have No Money, You Have No Right To Love —  Ex-Mayor Seya

It was recently reported in tabloids that the former flamboyant Kampala Mayor, Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala, and sexy Anita Fabiola are dating. A series of contradictory conversations went viral on social media as to why a man of Seya’s stature would date Fabiola. The Society describes Anita Fabiola as immoral.

Seya has come out to assure the haters. He says that he has money and can date a beautiful woman like Anita Fabiola.

“I have money to keep the company of beautiful women. No man has a right to love a woman if he has no money. You shouldn’t date someone’s daughter if you can’t provide for her all the good things in the world. I have the money that’s why I am capable of dating Fabiola”.

One of Fabiola’s friends confirmed that indeed the two are friends. “Yes, they are tight friends but I don’t think they are dating. Fabiola knows her limits.”

Late last year, we reported that Fabiola and Seya were worryingly close. The two were sighted at Serena Hotel Kampala and again on the same plane to Dubai.  He previously dated Desire Luzinda and Sylvia Owori.