Bebe Cool Too Arrogant To Apologise To Me — Karitas

Posted: 2017-05-17T09:23:38Z
Bebe Cool Too Arrogant To Apologise To Me —  Karitas

A few years back, there was a mega fight between singer Bebe Cool and media personality Karitas Karisimbi. Bebe Cool accused Karitas who was Zuena’s best friend for misleading her. 

He alleged that Karitas was spreading false rumours to Zuena that he was a serial cheat. Zuena packed her belongings and left their marital home.  She went back to her home in Jinja.  This was the most trying time for Bebe Cool as he resorted to composing sad songs.

In a brief interview with Karitas, “I hold no grudge against Zuena and Bebe Cool. The two know the truth of what happened those days. Sadly, no one has ever come up to say sorry because they have never realised their mistakes. Zuena has never realised that she hurt me. But like I said, I don’t have time for Bebe Cool and his wife for now. We are all living a different kind of life” Karitas said

When asked what she would do in case she bumped into Zuena and Bebe Cool, Karitas said “I wouldn’t mind to saying hello to them.  If they ignored me, I can do the same” Karitas added.

In some media reports, Bebe Cool was allegedly quoted saying that he doesn’t want Karitas anywhere close to his wife Zuena.