Byaxy Is Too Young To Bonk Me — Cindy Sanyu

Posted: 2017-05-01T10:59:34Z Read: 20,950 times
Byaxy Is Too Young To Bonk Me — Cindy Sanyu

Last year a rumour made rounds that Cinderella Sanyu was dating a fast rising male artist Byaxy. In fact, a close friend to the two told Howwe it was a very CLOSE RELATIONSHIP which became stronger after the ‘couple’ recorded a song and later took the rehearsals to bed

To confirm their closeness, the pair was caught on camera not only cuddling but also acting like a newlywed couple on their honeymoon.

Well, recently our snoop asked Cindy about her LOVE STORY with Byaxy, which was so strong — making everyone move their head like banana leaves in a tropical storm.

‘Me and Byaxy were music friends. There was nothing between us — just a business partner’, She stated.

However, when our snoop further asked if Byaxy had ever enjoyed Cindy’s PIZZA according to the steamy photos that rocked social media, this is what the queen of dancehall had to respond.

‘Byaxy is too young for me. Oh no!’ she responded.

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