The Shonga's Make out At Birthday Party

Posted: 2017-04-23T08:06:10Z
The Shonga's Make out At Birthday Party

This couple made popular rounds of news on social media mid last year when they held a lavish Kasiki at Club Establishment in Industrial area and later on a one of a kind wedding at Speke Resort hotel.

These two love birds hail from Malawi and run a Printing company named SH media and advertising company on Nasser road.

Recently while at club Amnesia during the wife's (Dorothy Shonga) birthday celebrations the two were spotted all over each other as they swapped saliva leaving on lookers in great admiration.

Dorothy and Herbert Shonga were accompanied with a great group of team Shonga empire.

 At  the end of the event as the two were heavily intoxicated Herbert  could hardly drive and instead asked the wife to drive home in their White ML Benz