Tension At UBC, JK Kazoora & Jane Kasumba Collide!

Posted: 2017-04-20T09:14:52Z
Tension At UBC, JK Kazoora & Jane Kasumba Collide!

UBC-TV has been slowly changing face after JK Kazoora was hired to head Magic TV and Radio.  

Sources say that Kazoora has influenced the Board Members and management of UBC to fire old workers and recruit new young blood. The Board members have been meeting for days now and they will soon release a list of new workers.

The list we have landed on is that Jane Kasumba, head of TV is going to be replaced with DJ Bush Baby who left Urban TV recently. They are still in talks over contract deals. The other person that might end up affected is the UBC PR Abby Rafsanjani.

In a brief interview with the source at UBC, we have been informed that most of the presenters, Producers and other workers are to be sacked and replaced by the end of June “In June, you will see a new UBC. They are secretly hiring workers and some have already signed contracts that will kick start in June” source said.

We will keep you posted