I Have Never Slept With Rabadaba And Geostedy — Jazmine

Posted: 2017-04-08T10:59:02Z
I Have Never Slept With Rabadaba And Geostedy —  Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine is a trending female musician who has done best collabos with most of the artists in town. 

Her new recent song called Omuntu is trending on Howwe Music and on radio and TV airwaves. A section of her fans attribute to her current musical success to some men she alleged to have slept with. (Rabadaba and Geosteady)

While appearing at last night’s Zzina awards, Jazmine came to clear the air about her social and love life.  She claims her success is due to hard work 

“ I don’t sleep. I work day and night. I put in so much energy and money to bring this kind of work. I have never slept with any man or artist to help me musically"

Speaking about Geosteady and Rabadaba, she cleared the air and said, she has never slept with anyone among those artists

“ Ugandans have a bad mentality, when you work closely with a fellow artist, they will conclude that you have slept with them. I have never dated any of them, they are just my friends and nothing more. I am single and not searching"

She has done collabos with the two artists and their songs have become a hit.