Former UBC Presenter Emily Mwebaze In A Whopper War

Posted: 2017-02-16T09:11:09Z Read: 5,822 times
Former UBC Presenter Emily Mwebaze In A Whopper War

In the early days of 2000s, there happened a TV queen who kept all men stuck on the TV screens watching UBC TV news at 9pm.

Emily Mwebaze was that light skinned sexy girl that caused whopper tension by that time. As the years went by, her time on UBC elapsed and she later joined Urban TV. She sometimes reads news.

Exclusive information we have landed on is that Emily is set to wed a man who she snatched from another woman. What is disturbing is that she has no remorse in all that. She says she committed no sin because the man approached her and he never told her , he had another woman home

“I give him the best, if I snatched her then I am the best. I have heard those rumours but they won’t move me. I have already introduced him and I am going to eat him for the rest of my life” Emily ranted

We will keep you posted!