Seven Things You Didn't Know About Mina Izah

Posted: 2016-12-21T11:57:24Z Read: 4,631 times
Seven Things You Didn't Know About Mina Izah

The bootilicious and curvy Mina Izah real name Nakayiza Mina is popular for her Nseko collaboration that features Kalifa Aganaga. Mina broke to the scene in 2015 and has outed songs like Lindazi, Kankuwe, Nfukirira among many others.

Will break down a few hidden features about the diva.

She attended Kimanya Blessed in Masaka for primary, Kinaawa High School for secondary. Then  CCNA at Makerere University and a diploma in information technology in business at UICT Nakawa.

Mina Izah is a little arrogant in nature and doesn't tolerate nonsense, most of her friends take her up lightly. She gets pissed fast and doesn't care to lose a friend.

She is not gifted with the art of writing and whole her music has been penned down by a number of musicians. Songs Lindazi, Kankuwe and Mutego were all written by Maro. Nseko was done by Khalifa and the recent one Nfukirira by Zuli tums producer

Mina is not a person of hard liquor and on a night out she will be found sipping on Wine. She is not the drunkard type.

Just like her name and with no doubt Mina is a true Muganda who hails from  Masaka and unfortunately didn't grow up with the biological parents. Mina comes 5th out of a family of 7.

Love for religion
Mina Nakayiza Passionately loves her religion and she will do anything to protect it. And on Friday Juma prayers is a must for her.

Other talents
Mina izah is very good at dancing and she participated in the 2009 hot steps. It's something she badly loves doing.