Bebe Cool Shares Outrageous Congratulatory Message To Trump

Posted: 2016-11-10T05:42:58Z
Bebe Cool Shares Outrageous Congratulatory Message To Trump

Birds of the same feather flock together,  well it's not of surprise controversial singer Bebe Cool shared a congratulatory message after Republican president Donald Trump won the USA elections.

The Kabulengane star must be proud of Donald Trump for having fed on criticism just like the way he torments local music lovers

"Congz Mr Trump,for u only prove me right that controversy sells as long as u can stick to it, defend it and make sure it delivers the positive that the society wants.Nothing is impossible,but don't forget everything is possible most especially in the USA.(the two statements may be similar but they are not necessarily the same coz they carry different meanings depending)
My message to madam Hillary is that the late Gaddafi will continue to grow onto all those who silently wronged Libya and other countries for greed.We hope and pray the Great America is not on its way to SHOCK.
Finally, I would like to conclude by saying every good thing has a bad side and every bad thing has a good side.
Stay open minded."

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