What You Could Have Missed At The Kampala City Carnival — Photos

Posted: 2016-10-02T16:38:30Z
What You Could Have Missed At The Kampala City Carnival  —  Photos

Excited revelers have descended on the Kampala city centre for the annual carnival, a celebration that draws multitudes to the capital to celebrate culture, innovation, unity and social life.

Dubbed the biggest street party in East-Afrika, the carnival is featuring musical acts including Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Chameleon, Navio Kigozi, Sheba and Irene Ntale among others. Companies, organizations and small businesses joined the festivities adding a corporate feel to the streets that are crowded with colorful sights and vibrant sounds.

The carnival is organized by Kampala Capital City Authority mainly to depict the image of the city as a happy, cultural and warm place to be. This year's carnival introduced a festival rally, cycling and a vintage car show. Places of worship have also been set up for faithful's who may need to worship while attending the festival.

Here are some of the moments you could have missed.

1. Rolex ingredient and Rolex makers were in plenty

Chapaati stalls were in plenty

2. Big Men acting like babies to advertise their products

Ice-cream men doing their craft

3. Mchomo of all types....

Roasting meat

4. The 'Mama Susans' of this world selling their food presented

Food VendorsFood Vendors

5.Circus Circus games for kids were available

circus circus rotating wheels

6 Family outings and pop corn feasting

Family members enjoying a meal

7. Chicken Roasting and others...

Chicken man doing his work

8. Cultural dance stages were available and absolutely free

Group dancing to a traditional song

9. Apparently Mickey mouse's 'Brother' made a surprise visit

Mickey Mouse

10. Street Basket ball game tournments

Players enjoying the game

11. Street football and free-style moves were on display

Football free 'styler' doing his thing

12. Police and security agencies were in every corner

Police officers on duty

13. Sexy girls queued to ride camels and horses

Girls riding a camel

14. Weird people doing weird things were also there

Fans of Kampala City Carnival

15. Halloween was celebrated also...

masked man

16. Big women sitting and sleeping in the road...just for fun

Friends enjoying a moment on the road

17. Vintage cars were on display for photography

Vintage car

18.The KCCA ED Dr Jennifer Musisi gets a feel of the Kampala City Festival from an ariel view

KCCA MD Jennifer Musisi inspected Kampala in the sky

19. Different stages were packed for revellers to watch their favourite artists

Crowd at Bell Stage

20. And lastly, girls of different shapes and sizes....

Sexy girls