Watch Video As Mukono’s Satellite Beach Is Gutted By Fire

Posted: 2016-08-31T08:53:38Z
Watch Video As Mukono’s Satellite Beach Is Gutted By Fire

Popular hangout Satellite beach in Mukono was gutted by fire yesterday evening.

According to reports, the happening place first experienced a blacked and instantly fire broke out! Employees of the place Police tried their level best to save situation before the properties were completely destroyed.

The officer in charge of firefighting at Mukono Police station, Conrad Byomugabe said they were called to put out the fire, fought tooth and nail to see that fire does not spread to the other grass thatched roofs around.

 It should be noted, Satellite beach building houses a number of businesses including commercial banks like Finca and Bank of Baroda plus shops whose owners were in great fear that if the fire was to spread all over, they were to incur great loses.

 Meanwhile, Employees of Satellite beach were seen struggling to put off the fire using water they had collected in buckets and saucepans after the water in a fire brigade vehicle from Mukono got finished.

The police have cordoned off the place as an investigation into the actual cause of the fire is still being done! Meanwhile, no serious causalities were registered due to fire!

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