Shocker!! Sheila Don Zella Gets A Woman To Satisfy Her Sexual Desires

Posted: 2016-07-18T06:40:23Z Read: 12,950 times
Shocker!! Sheila Don Zella Gets A Woman To Satisfy Her Sexual Desires

By the time Jesus comes back, we may have little or no normal behavior judging from the current situation in the country.

Men are bonking fellow men, women are bonking fellow women, with others going a little more to get married or marry dogs, cats, pigs, and snakes mention it as long as it satisfies a sexual desire.

Well, aging Sheila Nalongo Zella who is famous as an official ex of struggling singer Big Eye she has resorted to fellow women after failing to get a true man….leaving social media wonder what her kids will think about her social life.

In the photos making rounds on social media, Sheila is seen passionately smooching a fellow woman, as she captioned the photos:

Kino kigende eri buli mbwaaa enjasamide (this goes to every dog that always opens his/her mouth unto me) that i kissed a fellow girl that’s ma sister ma best friend & to me having fan means everything in ma own understanding it means kissing ,hugging ,drinking ,eating & dancing if u not happy the way i had fan kiss ma ass & don't comment or read ma posts u can also block me if u want if i dont comment on your posts don't comment on mine mbu be an exampla of your kids niooo nioooo who told u am not an example to them am there gold am diamond to my children kati ndabe adamu okunjasamira oba kino kive nyoooo munzijeko amaloooo go read the word fan & understand it i leave ma life as i want & as i choose mwefula nyoooo abatukilivu abamu mukwata nabwona obutooo ne mbuzi.

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Sheilah and supposedly bonkmate kissing

Sheilah and supposedly bonkmate