Sabba Sabba Fires Shots At Ki-Mu Awards, 'Remove Me from Your Nominations'

Posted: 2016-06-27T08:53:00Z
Sabba Sabba Fires Shots At Ki-Mu Awards, 'Remove Me from Your Nominations'

First rising dancehall star Sabba Sabba Atatya Mbeera has fired shots at the Kitara music awards organizers (Ki-mu Awards) calling them disrespectful and biased.


This follows this year’s 2nd Edition Awards Nomination list that was released on Sunday 26th June where Sabba Sabba was categorized under social media artists of the year which did not sit well with the Songa Mbele singer.


Kitara music awards management claims that he (Sabba Sabba) missed out on top categories because most of his songs are in Luganda and not in any western Native languages like Lunyakole, Rukiga or Rutooro among others


Being of the one of the most selling Western Ugandan artist’s the Embattled “Endabirwamu” hit maker had this to say about the awards;


"I want to let you all my fans know that these awards are very biased and they are aiming at discrediting very hard working artists and bring them down while they value those artists they dine with. For example Artist of the year & Male artist of the year Category they nominated artist who have only Luganda songs this year so I don’t see any reason why he would say sabba sings sometimes in  luganda


!! Please don't vote for me in these awards and I kindly beg the organizing committee to take me off their nomination list this year even next year unless  you sort your selves  and make it free and fair ..." said the disgruntled music icon.