NSFW: Chelsea Handler Attacks Donald Trump Again, With Naked photos

Posted: 2016-04-06T07:42:37Z
NSFW: Chelsea Handler  Attacks Donald Trump Again, With Naked photos

The 41-year-old comedian shared the racy photos via her Instagram page and her twitter account, yesterday, April 4, 2016.

Handler shared two photos, showing herself half naked, rocking a black thong as she backed the camera in a bid to show off the insulting message she had written across her back and butt.

The trim comedian had the words 'Trump is a butt hole' written right across her back and butt, as she turned slightly, to smile at the camera.

On one photos, Handler commented:

"A germane tweet. I mean this with the utmost disrespect." She Captioned

On the second photo, she commented:

"Sometimes we swim above water and sometimes we swim on the sea floor. I’ll meet you wherever you are."

Handler's diss is the second in recent time, after she launched a very nasty attack on Trump yesterday, posting a photo of herself cleaning the streets of Mexico on her Instagram [April 3] while on set of her show, with what looks like a mopping stick which had some striking resemblance to the Republican Presidential hopeful.

Chelsea Handler wants Donald Trump dead?

Chelsea Handler mocks Donald Trump in Mexico

Handler only joins a long list of celebrities - Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Tyrese etc - who have condemned the US Presidential candidate over his "strange" policies and speeches at campaign grounds.