Meet Keko's Best Friend! Spoiler... He is a HUNK!

Posted: 2016-01-17T08:25:35Z
Meet Keko's Best Friend! Spoiler... He is a HUNK!

Jocelyne Keko best known as the rapper with superstar attitude could be regretting her old tomboyish style. She only vestures shorts, pants and tees! I bet she has no skirt in her wardrobe!

However that could soon be history. Imagine Keko flaunting her curves akin to Tororo rock in a floral maxi  in 5 inch high heels. One rapper is already furnishing our imaginations!

The rapper is said to be so passionately connected to a Kintantale based dark skinned rapper with towering height crowned by well-groomed dreadlocks . He was  only identified as 4GB Otim, the rapper behind the street banger " See nobody", and "Akello".


The two has been spotted in several hangouts in suspiciously chatting the night away the way lovers do.

4 GB Otim also featured in Keko's video "Mutima", off the Paranoid mixtape. We hope they take the collaboration to the next level!

We shall keep you updated on new developments.