10 Signs your Lover may be cheating

Posted: 2018-12-18T09:46:16Z
10 Signs your Lover may be cheating

Being secretive with smartphones, avoiding spending time at home and avoiding sex are the top three giveaways that will expose cheating behaviour, according to a recent survey of cheating males.

Cheating male members of a dating site for married people were polled and these were the top 10 giveaways that the men were cheating on their partners:

1. Behaving mysteriously and secretively with your smartphone

2. Going out with friends more often and avoiding time at home

3. Showing extreme tenderness but making excuses to avoid sex

4. Spending noticeable amounts of money with no explanation

5. Becoming more interested in your appearance

6. Refusing to answer simple questions like where you have been, how work is going, or how you are feeling

7. Showing a sudden interest in new topics and new tastes

8. Claiming you’re working later hours than normal

9. Caring less about things that really used to bother you a lot (For example; losing interest in problems within the relationship like lack of communication, quality time etc.)

10. Taking offence when your partner accuses you of lying