Things Women Find Attractive In Men

Posted: 2018-06-22T09:47:51Z
Things Women Find Attractive In Men

What are those things that women find cute and attractive in a man? What are those features and character traits of a man that can sweep a woman off her feet?


When women hear a deep manly voice, they literally get turned on, and that’s because they think it’s hot. Somehow, most women subconsciously associate deep tones with being more masculine and gentle. I remember talking to a friend of mine once, and she was like, “hold up, has anyone ever told you-you to have a sexy voice?”


Women love a man with a good height on them. You don’t have to be giant- tall, but ideally, they want their man taller than them, and this has to do with the fact that they want to feel protected.


Women want that testosterone. It just happens to be a biological component of what women find attractive in a guy, although many do not like that ‘gym-monkey’ testosterone with veins popping out –that is a turnoff to the ones I know. Women tend to lean towards men with a stronger jawline and brow bones because it shows that they have a high amount of testosterone. And what’s the big deal about testosterone? Well, it shows that those men have a healthy immune system and less oxidative stress flowing throughout their body.


I think it’s a known fact that women like men who can make them laugh. Laughing releases happy hormones, and it subconsciously shows that the guy is a good person.


Women like friendly, welcoming men. I don’t mean creepy friendly, there’s a line between being nice and stalking a woman obsessively. She may like you being friendly and hospitable, but she also wants you to retain that sense of mystery about yourself. It’s the perfect blend.


Women like it when a guy opens up to them. They are interested in men who are willing to be vulnerable in a conversation. Of course, it doesn’t mean the guy has to tell all his deepest secrets, but he has to have the ability to have a conversation that’s deeper than a stream.


Women like beautifully bearded men. Of course, they also find men without a beard good-looking, but something about a beard just lights them up. Bearded men are actually seen as better father materials and show more masculinity, sexual maturity, and leadership. If you don’t have a beard, maybe you should grow some.


Women like men who are clean. Women are usually appealed to a neatly looking man.


Confidence is key if you’re dealing with a woman. A man who can walk into a room with his head held high is a lot more attractive than the one who can’t look a woman in the eye. Women consider confidence an attractive feature in a man.

And those are just a few of the things women like in a man. I’m not saying we all don’t stand a chance the way we are, but you can get a lot luckier if you possess any of those features.