Top 10 Sex Boosting Workouts

Posted: 2016-11-28T05:17:57Z
Top 10 Sex Boosting Workouts

Sex is a thing of beautiful. It’s full of love, intimacy, and passion. It’s a core driver of human behavior. It plays a large role in relationships. But everyone can be better at sex, even if not everyone knows how.

Although having deep feelings for someone can make sex great, no matter your physical shape, sex is still a physical act. The better shape you are in, the better you can be at sex. We go to the gym to improve our bodies and everyday life. Why not use the gym to also improve our sex lives?

Here are the top 10 exercises you can do to improve your performance in the bedroom:


Everyone’s heard of deadlifts. Most people do them to become strong, or look manly. But many people don’t realize how beneficial they can be to your sexual performance.

Deadlifts primarily work your hamstrings, glutes, core, and back, all of which are very important when it comes to the bedroom.



Squats will help you in a very similar way to how deadlifts help you: through hip extension. These can be very tiring as well, so if you’re performing high reps, you’ll definitely be getting some cardio in as well. And we all know how much that can help in the bedroom.

But another, and often overlooked way, that squats can help your sex life is by getting you used to standing while carrying weight.


These are a great exercise that will really come in handy while you’re in missionary position. This position can be very exhausting for your arms and abs. What better way to get better at missionary than basically mimicking the movement?


This is the exercise that will have the most direct benefit to your sex life. Performing these consistently will give you better erections, more intense orgasms, and help you last longer in bed. Once you get the hang of these, you can even perform kegels during sex to help contact her g-spot.

Kegels work the muscles on the pelvic floor, which control bladder and sexual function. These are the muscles that you use to stop peeing when you’re mid pee, or the muscles that you use to raise your penis. Strengthen these and you’ll see a direct carry over to your happiness in bed.

Hip thrusts/Barbell bridges

Your girl will thank you for doing these when she’s on top. Nothing will prepare you better for that situation better than barbell bridges.

As much as you don’t like for your girl to lay there like a dead fish when you’re on top, she doesn’t want you to lay there like a log when she’s on top. She wants you to move with her and even take control at time. Sounds easy, but it’s something that requires a lot of strength in your glutes.

 Interval training

Sex isn’t a sprint...well, not always. It has a cardio component to it. But something that a lot of people forget is that sex isn’t something that you do at a constant rate. You go fast. Then slow. Then fast. Then slow. You’re always changing it up. And your training should reflect this.

This is where interval training comes into play (also known as HIIT, high intensity interval training). HIIT can be done with your preference of cardio. I like to do it on the bike.

Push ups

Push ups will help you in a way very similar to the way that planks will help you.

As mentioned in the HIIT section, sex is ever changing. There is no one universal way of having missionary sex. Sometimes you’ll be on your elbows. Sometimes you’ll have your weight on her. Sometimes you’ll be on your hands. You’ll always be changing back and forth between different positions, even when you are only using missionary.

Leg raises

Leg raises can be done either with a back support, or by hanging off of a pull up bar, or with bent legs, or with straight legs. The latter is more difficult in both cases, but if you can work your way to being able to doing those, you’ll definitely see the benefits.

Groin stretches

Flexibility is an often overlooked aspect of sex for men. Most people believe that the woman is the only one that needs to be flexible.

What happens when you have been having sex with the same person for years on end? Things start to become stale. You’re going to start wanting to try different things in the bedroom. And these things may require a degree of flexibility from you.

But flexibility isn’t only going to help you in the future. It’s going to help you today. As I mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to have missionary sex. Many women like having their legs spread far out as they’re in that position, but not all can maintain that position without help. How do you help her do this? By spreading your legs as well, similar to a frog, which will give her leverage to spread hers.

Farmers walks

Farmers walks are a great way to build strength and endurance in your core, back, and forearms.

A lot of men complain about forearms cramps or soreness from fingering during foreplay. This is something that is definitely avoidable. The problem is that most people just don’t get any training in for their forearms.