Mao de-campaigns Museveni in Luwero, says promises won’t save him in 2021

Posted: 2020-11-23T06:13:17Z
Mao de-campaigns Museveni in Luwero, says promises won’t save him in 2021

The Democratic Party, DP presidential candidate Norbert Mao has said he is not in the race to make promises and pledges, but change governments.

Candidate Mao who entered the race as a surprise to many was on Sunday campaigning in Luwero and Nakaseke districts argued that the major objective of the 2021 elections is not about the projects that government intends to do but the desire to vote Museveni out of power.

While beginning his campaigns in the same area, National Resistance Movement Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni read out a litany of promises that the NRM government has achieved in the last 34 years and the projects he intends to do once re-elected for another term.

However, Mao argues that he has heard Museveni struggling to talk about projects he intends to do once he is re-elected and some of which are petty like emyooga, forgetting that people are much interested in a change of leadership now.

He added that if poor countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi have witnessed peaceful power transfers, why Uganda is yet to see any?

Mao noted that Ugandans should vote for him to steer the country in transition since President Museveni has retarded its development.

He, also hinted on the possibility of fronting one candidate to beat Museveni as they are in talks with agents of change to form the joint front to cause this much-needed change by Ugandans.

He campaigned in Kapeeka, Nakaseke, Wobulenzi and Luwero town councils, and is expected to proceed with his campaigns in Nwoya district on Monday.
While many Ugandans are about the message of change preached by several opposition politicians, many are yet to hear from these candidates what more they bring to the table.