FDC’s Amuriat arrested in Kitgum, Campaign team blocks police from driving him to Gulu

Posted: 2020-11-17T12:04:59Z
FDC’s Amuriat arrested in Kitgum, Campaign team blocks police from driving him to Gulu

The Forum for Democratic Change, FDC Presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat’s campaign team had an altercation with security on Tuesday after their candidate was arrested in Kitgum.

Amuriat was picked up by the police from Kitgum Matidi Sub County while on his way to campaign in Lamwo district. This morning, POA addressed two mini Rallies at Kitgum Matid and Lagolo S/C as per his program that was submitted to the Electoral Commission amidst Police and Army interruption.

According to security, President Yoweri Museveni is in the same District today.

The candidate went to Kitgum from Kalongo town council in Agago district where his campaign was foiled by police on Monday evening for allegedly showing up past 6 pm. While at Kitgum Matidi Sub County, Amuriat came out of his vehicle to wave to his supporters.  

This prompted Police to respond by firing teargas to disrupt the procession, which had begun attracting numerous locals. 

The police commanded by both the Kitgum and Lamwo District Police Commanders Tommy Eyaku and Moses Akena respectively later picked up Amuriat and bundled him in a police vehicle before speeding off.   
However, the team later caught up with police and blocked the vehicle before it left Kitgum district. They made an alarm that attracted a number of supporters who were chanting we want “today is our day, we want justice.”
Amuriat was being driven in a vehicle Reg. No. UP 4716 which was driving towards Gulu. 
Police attempted to negotiate with the FDC team to remove their vehicles so security could continue with the President, in vain. They also demanded that unless police gave them their candidate, they would not leave. 
After a 30 minutes standoff, Police gave in and released Amuriat back to his vehicle and he continued to Lamwo, where he has his second campaign of the day.