Museveni is scared of us - Kyagulanyi campaigns in Oyam

Posted: 2020-11-12T09:26:53Z
Museveni is scared of us - Kyagulanyi campaigns in Oyam

The electorate in Oyam district have been urged to vote for a new and better Uganda where their roads will be constructed and poverty kicked out of their homes. 

The call was made by Robert Kyagulanyi the presidential candidate for National Unity Platform who is campaigning in the area today Thursday. Kyagulanyi said that he was surprised at the poor road from Kamdini to Oyam district and the level of poverty in the area.

He noted that the new generation is bigger and stronger than the older generation and that’s why President Museveni and his age mates are scared.

Kyagulanyi promised to pay all veterans who are suffering yet they fought for peace in the 80s, he also promised to pay those whose animals and properties were stolen and destroyed during the NRA insurgency.

He further noted that he is not standing as a muganda or catholic, but a son of Uganda and that in his government, police and ministerial appointments will not depend on tribes or religion as is today.

“I don’t come to you as a politician, I don’t come to you as a muganda, but as a son of Uganda and your son. We are lucky because our generation is united by the problems we face every day and the hope of a new Uganda, where everybody will be equal. In the new Uganda, if we want to choose ministers we don’t look at your tribe, if we want to appoint you in police we don’t look at your tribe, if you are going to get a government job we don’t look at your religion” Bobi Wine promised.

He also noted that while in the past presidential candidates were given enough time to campaign, things are different now because President Museveni and his generation are scared.

“We know that we don’t have much time, in the past, elections and campaigns were given much time, but Museveni is very scared of our generation, we are very many people and we are very united, that is why they are scared of us.

He asked everyone who showed up for the rally to become a campaign manager since most of his supporters were not allowed to come for the meeting.

Kyagulanyi promised to build a maternity centre in every Sub county and promote education in the region as had been the case during the Milton Obote time.

He urged his supporters not to be scared of security and president Museveni who he called a coward that is trying to steal their election

“Museveni is an old man that cannot even chase a duck and catch it. But he is planning on paying 10k to you young people so he can continue to keep you as slaves.” He said.
Kyagulanyi urged people of Oyam to vote the umbrella and all people standing under it.