National Unity Platform takes campaign launch to Northern Uganda

Posted: 2020-11-09T08:58:10Z Read: 1,945 times
National Unity Platform takes campaign launch to Northern Uganda

The National Unity Platform is lamenting over the number of campaign days announced by electoral commission not being enough for them. Joel Ssenyonyi the party spokesperson says they would have expected enough time, allowing them a day in each district.

He also says that as they get ready to launch their campaign in Pakwach today, the party candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert will only be meeting 70 people at a time.

Ssenyonyi says this is not fair, considering that the incumbent is meeting larger numbers and has been campaigning for the last 4 years.

NUP is officially launching presidential campaigns in the Northern District of Pakwach tomorrow Tuesday. 

The campaign will also visit Nebbi and Arua on the same day. The team will also spend the whole week in Northern Uganda 

“We saw it important to start with Northern Uganda because truth is for very many years, Northern Uganda has been left out, detached from the rest of the country, right from the time of war. The war ended but to date, those people are not treated like they are Ugandans. When you go through Northern Uganda, you look at economic development and how it is very wanting, see many young people that have been to school but are struggling with finding a job, people whose land had been grabbed. And so it was important for our presidential candidate to start in Northern Uganda” Ssenyonyi explained.

He added that they want to inspire hope in the people in this part of the country that things can get better.

Ssenyonyi says that they hope the police and other armed forces will not interfere with their program which has been approved by the electoral commission and that what happened on nomination day where the party leaders were beaten up and roughed up by police does not happen again.

“We want change but we it to happen peacefully and within the law. That’s our pledge as National Unity Platform. We have no problem with observing the law” Ssenyonyi added.