FDC Presidential flag bearer arrested hours to his nomination

Posted: 2020-11-03T07:35:52Z
FDC Presidential flag bearer arrested hours to his nomination

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC party presidential flag bearer Patrick Oboi Amuriat has been arrested, hours before his nomination. 

Amuriat had come to Najjanannkumbi for Ecumenical prayers that were slated to start at 7:30am to bless his nomination road. However, police cordoned off the party headquarters since yesterday and did not allow party members together with leaders a chance to converge as earlier planned.

The party presidential flag bearer had earlier promised to hold processions, despite warnings from Uganda police. 

As he made his way to the party headquarters for the prayers, Amuriat was arrested at the command of the DPC Najjanankumbi after being forced out of his car.

Earlier on, the party blamed SP David Epedu (DPC Katwe) who commanded the destruction of St. Peters Church of Uganda Ndeeba, of commanding the torture, maiming, beating and arresting of FDC supporters in and around Katwe, Kibuye and Najjanankumbi.

“The New Uganda we intend to build will teach men like Epedu to respect that Uniform and the dignity of all Ugandans” the Party wrote on its facebook page.

Police drove Amuriat to Kyambogo nomination grounds where he arrived barefooted and confused, without his 10 seconders.