We are ready for you: Opposition Leaders form joint pressure group to bring NRM, Museveni down

Posted: 2020-06-15T10:06:28Z Read: 1,972 times
We are ready for you: Opposition Leaders form joint pressure group to bring NRM, Museveni down

Ugandans subscribing to different opposition parties and pressure group People Power, will make noise on Tuesday starting from lunch time, demanding that the NRM government and its leader President Yoweri Museveni, relinquish power. 

They will use empty saucepans, whistles and whatever is in their reach, to make a statement that they want change.

During the launch of a new pressure group “United Forces of Change” that took place in Wakiso on Monday morning, Col Dr Kiiza Besigye from the People’s government encouraged Ugandans to join in the struggle to push President Yoweri Museveni from power.

“The time has come, let’s all lock hands and say we matter in this country. Let’s raise our voices and say this is our country. That’s why the first call is for you to raise your voice so that people can know that there are people in this country who are marginalized, that there are people in this country whose money is being stolen every day, raise your voice. And that’s why we have said that from tomorrow at lunch time, anybody who is hungry raise your voice, hit your empty saucepan, blow your whistle, make the noise that you can make to show the country that this country belongs to us” Dr Besigye said.

He noted that the country needs to unite and say enough is enough, arguing that the country is deeply divided. He says there is only less than 1% in the country to maintain the oppression of the people of Uganda, through 9% of the elite. 

Besigye noted that COVID19 pandemic has shown how Ugandans were brought to the blink of destruction. “Coronavirus came when the country was dry, there was not a single bag of food that the country could rely on. The bank of Uganda was empty when COVID came, yet we live in a very rich country so what we are doing today, is to say that all the money that our people have legitimate right to, and we know where it is, it must be applied to the benefit of our people. But we know that it will not happen unless the people stand up and assert their right” Besigye noted. 

Meanwhile, People Power pressure group leader, also Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine thanked Dr Besigye and other leaders for bringing them all together to fight as a unified front.

“In Particular I want to salute you Dr Kiiza Besigye, John Lukyamuzi the man, Lord Mayor, Mzei Birigwa and all of you elders for the inspiration that you have given to us and many other Ugandans over the years. You inspired us to a level that we are on the frontline together. So from me and the people power, we respect you, love you and hold you in high regard” he said.

Kyagulanyi also noted that the country is divided and was glad they were stepping into the right direction. He noted that their supporters on social media should know that the leaders are not each other’s enemy as they have only one common enemy, Yoweri Museveni and his regime of “national shame”.

The FDC President, Patrick Oboi Amuriat said the opposition has been misunderstood but now they are celebrating something that will bring hope to all Ugandans. 

He also said that the Coronavirus pandemic brings a golden opportunity to all Ugandans because it has exposed the “dictator” more than before. 

“The theft, mismanagement, lack of respect of human rights that has happened, and using the money that has been stolen, the dictator wants to continue subduing Uganda. This will not be accepted. The so called scientific election is one way in which the election of 2021 is being rigged. I want to say to all those who have vested all their hopes in the election of 2021, that time is now for you to struggle, because it will not bear a good result. If you hope that Mr Museveni using a scientific election, where you are not going to a podium to speak and you are restricted just to a television that you may not get to appear on, a radio station that you may not get to appear on, or even social media that is limited to just a few elites. I want to tell you that the election is already rigged” Amuriat revealed.

He added that as always said, they go into elections not to expect any result from President Museveni being announced, but they go in a fighters. He called on everyone interested in contesting in the upcoming election that time is now for them to bring down the dictatorship.

The launch of the United Forces of Change was attended by many opposition party leaders, MPs, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago among others.