Shock as Lt. Gen. Tumukunde Announces official plans to Unseat Comrade Museveni

Posted: 2020-03-04T08:18:51Z
Shock as Lt. Gen. Tumukunde Announces official plans to Unseat Comrade Museveni

Former security minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has Tuesday announced plans to contest for the 2021 Presidential election. Tumukunde visited and handed over a request to the electoral commission, seeking to begin consultations.

Section 3 of the Presidential elections act 2005 provides that an aspirant may consult in preparation for his/her nomination as a presidential candidate within 12 months before the nomination date. Section 2 (a) of the same act provides that the aspirant may carryout countrywide.

In his letter to the EC, Tumukunde says he intends to begin his consultations across the country. 

“Consultations will there for target various target groups in the country, with a view of facilitating my decisions ahead of nominations of presidential candidates slated for October 2020. I will communicate those decisions to the EC as soon as possible, in any case, during the timeframe prescribed in the relevant laws. My consultations will also extend to the current existing political groupings and/or political parties, security agencies and law enforcement agencies, the rural population especially farmers, urban dwellers, the youths, omen and entrepreneurs” part of the letter reads.

Tumukunde will also consult with the elderly, public servants at both national and local government levels, regulatory government institutions, civil society organizations and religious leaders among others.

He adds that his consultations will also be consulting on local, regional and international security issues, economic development and social cohesion as well as political harmony.
“I join other well-meaning Ugandans, to support the fundamental change which we promised Ugandans in the past, and a peaceful transition from one generation to another. While I expect all the support the EC can offer me and my team to carry out peaceful consultations as a presidential aspirant. I pray that the statutory mandate of the EC shall be respected by other organs of the state, and that there will be harmony throughout this important consultations exercise,” he warned.

Tumukunde fell out with his friend, President Yoweri Museveni when the latter fired him as security minister. Last week, the army withdrew all guards from him.