FDC mourns Wrap Moi, urges Museveni to learn from his legacy

Posted: 2020-02-10T10:20:44Z Read: 2,392 times
FDC mourns Wrap Moi, urges Museveni to learn from his legacy

Uganda's main opposition arty, the forum for democratic change, FDC has mourned the late Daniel Arap Moi former Kenyan president who died last week at 95 years.

While addressing the weekly arty press conference in Najjanankumbi on Monday morning, Patrick Amuriat Oboi the arty president conveyed condolences to the leadership, government and the people of Kenya on behalf of the party.

Amuriat said that as a party, they remember Moi for one thing, that is; for being that man who stepped aside, giving way to a new leadership to take over the leadership of the country.

"We would like as we pay tribute to him, to jail him as a person who set the stage of peaceful transition from one civil leader to another. Uganda's may recall that Daniel Arap Moi succeded Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who died in his sleep at state house. That transition was from a person who had lost life in office and succeeded by another, by virtue of the Constitution of the republic of Kenya" Amuriat noted.

The FDC party president noted that Uganda has a lot of lessons to learn from the example of the legacy of Moi. Adding that Uganda has a president who has been in power for nearly 35 years, lost several elections along the way but continues to impose himself on the people of Uganda.

"I think as we mourn this great statesman, Mr. Museveni and the people in power today should reflect on the destiny of this country and what they can do to ensure peaceful transition from one set of leaders to another" Amuriat noted.

Moi will be laid to rest on Wednesday.